News from Product Management: naXture in the fast lane

We can now offer you an extended speed range for our naXture modular solution kit:

The new variant of our electro-hydraulic converter (EHC) has been optimised for greater flow, so that up to 40% higher extension speeds can now be achieved.

Ein Elektrohydraulischer Wandler bestehend aus 2 Teilen

fast, faster, naXture

As usual, the new variant fits into the naXture modular system: it is interface-compatible in terms of mechanical dimensions and electrical control.

In particular, applications in the areas of “gripping”, “positioning” and “dicing”, which require high dynamics in movement, can be addressed even better consequently.

At the point of maximum power Pmax, actuation tasks with forces FPmax of 100 – 260N and a verlocity vPmax between 20-52 mm/s can effortlessly be implemented!

Have a look at the extended force-velocity range in our sample tool – it’s worth it!
From now on, you can download the associated technical information sheets there as well.