Modular design of your actuator to meet your specific requirements.


Configurable mechanical interface to your application


Extremely compact system – even with integrated electronics.


Self-awareness – inherent feedback options


Possibility of complete metallic encapsulation for the most demanding environmental conditions


Highest efficiency even with demanding force/speed profiles

Preconfigured options or individual requirements

Sample tool

Every solution tailored to your needs

naXture meets your functional requirements in a way that is both customised and efficient. Our sample tool offers you an initial insight into the configuration options. The combination of variants of our electro-hydraulic converter with differently dimensioned output elements already results in a wide range of configurations and performance data.

Beyond the example configuration used here, you can configure any system to suit your specific requirements. In addition to passive safety behaviour in the event of a fault, special force, speed or precision requirements, impedance characteristics or special requirements for integration into existing installation spaces, many special requests can be implemented at short notice.

The sample configurations listed here show examples of possible variants in terms of force and speed behaviour as well as travel for single-quadrant systems. Select one or more options and download your technical information sheets.

  1. Use the highest force FApp that will occur in your drive application under normal circumstances.
  2. Give this force an addition of 60-65% to receive a force Fmax allowing sufficient dynamics.
  3. Within the configurator, depending on the load profile, select an actuator whose FPmax is close to FApp, or refer to the previously calculated force Fmax.
  4. The configurator will now propose some actuators.
    If you cannot find any suitable suggestions, please contact us directly to discuss your specific requirements. Follow this link to enter your key data on the form provided.
  5. Download the technical information sheet and check your force-velocity requirements with the actuator’s characteristics.
  6. To check the velocity characteristic of the selected actuator, you can either use vPmax or vmax.
    Do not be confused if you do not have a double match. The optimization of the actuating speeds can be done later.

Of course, we will be pleased to help you with the interpretation of the values and any necessary adjustments to your application!

Force [N] Velocity [mm/s] Stroke [mm]
FPmax Fmax vPmax vmax

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    In addition to linear force-velocity characteristics, naXture offers the possibility of providing highly efficient operating points with only high forces alternating with only high velocities. Tell us the functional requirements with regard to forces, speeds and travels in your specific application. We will find the right solution together!

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