MetisMotion introduces naXture Guide – the world’s first actuator with the sixth sense @ automatica 2022

Finally the time has come!
At this year’s automatica, we were able to introduce ourselves and share our unique actuator solution with countless interested people.

The highlight: naXture Guide – the world’s first actuator with the sixth sense!

At the end of June 2022 we were able to celebrate two big premieres:

#1: MetisMotion had its first big trade show appearance at automatica in Munich

#2: The world got to see its first actuator with the sixth sense – naXture Guide

If you could not be there in person, we have summarised the experience for you in an engaging and informative video.

Join us and enjoy first-hand impressions from automatica and the launch of naXture Guide – the first actuator that is inherently self-aware of itself and its environment.

From idea, to planning, the big event itself, we could hardly contain our anticipation for what was to come. But your response exceeded our most optimistic hopes.

It becomes more and more clear – it is time to change the world of actuation!
And we will get it done together: with you – colleagues, customers, suppliers and the too often overlooked supporters working in the background.

We are looking forward to more…

…great ideas, emerging when combining diverse fields of expertise,

…meaningful innovation, driven by a true understanding of customer challenges, and

…joy of collaboration, because we are convinced: we succeed together!